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Community Levels: LOW

Whitman County: your case counts from positive COVID cases for the following week: 4

Community Levels are based on the following 3 indicators:

  • 7-day rate of new COVID positive cases per 100,000: 2
  • 7-day average percent of inpatient beds occupied by COVID-19 patients (Eastern WA, DOH Dashboard): 1.1%
  • 7-day rate of new COVID-19 Hospitalizations per 100,00 (Whitman County, DOH Dashboard): 2

Updated 5.22.23

Whitman County's Data Dashboard

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I have COVID-19 symptoms or was exposed. What now?

COVID-19 Symptoms & Exposure Guidance

What to do if you have COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19?

View Decision Tree Here

You can view full "People who have tested positive for COVID-19" guidance here.

You can view full "People who have been exposed to COVID-19" guidance here.

COVID-19 Immunization Options

Wondering when to get your next booster?

You can view a simplified COVID-19 vaccine booster doses reference guide for all ages here.

Need more information on what type of COVID-19 vaccine to receive?

You can view a snapshot of all the available COVID-19 vaccines here.

Find an Immunization Appointment

Contact your healthcare provider, pharmacist or a local healthcare clinic to schedule an immunization appointment.

Whitman County Healthcare Providers & Clinics

COVID-19 Testing Options

There are two main types of tests that can tell if you have COVID-19: Antigen or Molecular

  • Antigen tests can be done at-home or done at a testing site
  • Molecular (PCR or NAAT) tests can only done at a testing site

Testing Site

You can get antigen and PCR/NAAT tests through a healthcare provider, clinic, test site, or lab.

Find a Testing Site

Contact your healthcare provider, pharmacist or a local healthcare clinic for available testing options.

Whitman County Healthcare Providers & Clinics

Antigen Self-Tests

Antigen self-tests, also called at-home tests or rapid self-tests, tell you if you have COVID‑19 in 15‑30 minutes. They may miss early infection. If you have COVID‑19 symptoms and test negative, repeat your test in 12 to 24 hours.

When to use these tests:

  • If you have symptoms or a close contact or someone in your household is exposed or has COVID‑19 symptoms
  • For work or schools (check with your employer/school to see what type of tests they accept)
  • Before or after family gatherings, parties, or holiday functions
  • After large events such as a sports games or faith-based services and after travel

Do not use a COVID-19 self-test in these situations:

  • To meet travel requirements
  • If you have already been tested at a testing site or health care provider and are waiting for results. Wait for your results and follow guidance.

No Cost Antigen Self-Tests


Whitman County Public Health has distributed thousands of rapid self-tests to the following community locations for quick pickup access:

  • Pullman Police Department
  • Whitman County Rural District Libraries
  • Washington State University
  • Whitman County Public Health


You can also request free tests be mailed to your home through Washington State Department of Health's Say Yes! COVID Test program. Use the link below to make a request or call 1-800-525-0127.

Request Free Tests


You can purchase rapid tests in stores, pharmacies and online.

If you have insurance, you can request to be reimbursed. Insurance providers will reimburse families for up to eight tests per month.

Insurance Reimbursement Information

COVID-19 Treatments Options

If you are at high risk for being hospitalized for COVID, it is important to getting tested soon and treated early. Oral antiviral pills or other treatment options may lower the chances of your illness getting worse if taken within 5 days of symptoms. There is no cost for treatment regardless of insurance or immigration status.

Here are three ways to receive treatment:

Speak to your healthcare provider first.

Your provider can give you a prescription that can be filled at participating pharmacies or anywhere antivirals are available.

Visit a Test to Treat clinic to receive testing and treatment in one visit.

To find a clinic, enter your zip code into the Test to Treat locator or call 1-800-232-0233.

Guidance for our long-term care facilities.

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